• Will Rise // Tattoo Studio

    design + development + construction + construction administration

    NORM ONE (Awr/Msk) opened his new tattoo shop on Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles early in 2010. Baker Creative was given the opportunity to design-build the 2500sf space into a multi-use environment, consisting of a tattoo shop and art studio. The neutral backdrop of the interior feels more like a gallery than tattoo studio (thanks to the amazing collection of art owned by NORM).

  • Known Gallery

    design + development + construction + construction administration

    When approached by KNOWN GALLERY to design-build their new space, we jumped on the opportunity. Our approach was very simple, keep the beautiful ceiling structure and the sheer size of the space the heros of our design. By creating a seamless backdrop with interior finishes we reduced any unnecessary distractions, keeping all focus on the art.

  • Me&Ro

    design + development + construction administration

    Using the design components set in place by the 1st Me&Ro location in NYC, Jeremy worked with owner, Robin Renzi, in the design and construction of the Melrose Place location. By providing interior design, fixture development, and construction administartion services, the end result is a rich and inviting space which acts as the perfect backdrop to Me&Ro’s beautifully crafted jewelry line.

  • Johnathan Alder // Multiple Locations

    design development + construction + construction administration

    Working closely with the Jonathan Adler design team, we were brought onboard to assist in the design and construction of their Santa Monica location, as well as the remodel of the Hollywood location. Key features in each space were the cash-wrap fixtures, wall installations, exterior finishes and flooring treatments. We are proud to be part of the Jonathan Adler family and look forward to working together in the future.

  • Canvas // Beverly Hills

    design + development + construction administration

    The design goal for this boutique and gallery was to strengthen the connection between art and product while generating maximum exposure on the exterior. This is to be the second location for CANVAS and was to be their flagship store. While the project did not come to fruition, Baker Creative teamed with the property owner, KOSS Financial to rejuvenate the property.

  • Stylex // Showroom

    design + development

    We were asked to help create a design for the STYLEX Chicago showroom unveiled at NeoCon 2008. In order to create distinction between the product lines, the program places each chair type in an area that conveys its key attributes through organization, supporting accessories and graphic treatments. A website and promotional collateral were also developed. [[creative partnership w/ DIE CREATIVE]]

  • Spring // Le Groupe Aldo Concept

    interior design and development + fixture design

    ALDO asked we investigate the architectural identity of their retail brand, SPRING. We created a new design concept to better situate the brand for expansion in the US and overseas markets. In doing so, the design package addressed the constraints of a roll out including adaptability, budget and relevance. [[creative partnership w/ DIE CREATIVE]]

  • Post 26

    design + development + construction administration + installation

    Jeremy Baker worked with POST 26 co-owner, Jeannine Braden, to transform this former bi-level post office space into a warm, inviting, and elegant boutique. With the natural wood fixtures, exposed beams, repurposed lighting and furniture, this was achieved.

  • What Comes Around Goes Around

    design development + construction administration + installation

    Working with WCAGA on their Los Angeles store design was a wonderful experience. Using the fixtures, furniture and decorative objects that were hand-selected by WCAGA from crumbling estates and rural antique stores across America, we provided design and installation services for treatments throughout the store including custom wooden columns and wall paneling to fixture design and finishing.

  • Urban Outfitters

    design + development

    As part ongoing store improvement program, we were asked to look at the design a new consolidated fitting room area. In relocating the fitting rooms to the second floor, we collaborated with the UO design team to maximize the opportunities and effects of change on the various levels. Jeremy has worked in key creative roles on many Urban Outfitter store designs. [[creative partnership w/ DIE CREATIVE]]

  • The Earnest Sewn Co.

    design + development + construction administration

    Working with company founder and former president, Scott Morrison, we became a part of the Earnest Sewn team in the design and execution on their new Malibu store location. This, the 4th location for Earnest Sewn, is a standout at the Malibue Country Mart. The warm reclaimed wood facade invites each visitor into the eclectic interior which acts as the perfect backdrop for the ES merchandise.

  • Canvas // Malibu

    design + development + comstruction administration
    brand development + web design + implamintation

    We have worked with CANVAS in the design and buildout of their Malibu store location. In addition to providing store design and construction administration services, for the past 3 years, we have continued our relationship with the development of the CANVAS brand.

  • Alife // Fairfax Ave.

    design + development + construction administration

    The design objective for ALIFE’s year long pop-shop in Los Angeles was to elevate their previous installation at Deitch Gallery. Jeremy Baker worked hand in hand with ALIFE from conception through construction of this one of a kind retail store design. The interior was designed to feel like a check-cashing location mixed with a museum. From the 1” plexiglas encasements to the bullet-proof checkout window this was achieved.

  • W.E.A.P.O.N.

    identity development + motion graphics + web design

    W.E.A.P.O.N. is a nonprofit started to provide opportunity, education and arts for women and girls in developing countries throughout Africa. Founder, Megalyn Echikuwoke approached us to create identity elements that would speak to their mission. Through the development of the logo to the implementation of the website, we have created identity elements that inform the end user and spread the W.E.A.P.O.N. mission.